What a view!
Let’s help save it!

No more traveling to work or school means reducing emissions and saving resources. No more commuting also means improving the quality of life. Passionate about nature and people’s quality of life, we offer online language services that are equivalent to face-to-face events.

Keine Kompromisse mehr · Keine Kompromisse mehr


Plus de compromise · Plus de compromise

Nema više kompromisa · Nema više kompromisa


Communicative and interactive digital teaching? No longer a dream! With the same quality and the same fun? Of course!



Well written but not yet perfect? Let’s dive into your text and see what kind of proofreading or editing it may need.



Translation is a matter of expertise, but it is our passion for interesting texts that ultimately produces the best results.


Let’s be part of a more sustainable future and have some extra fun

CSR is not just a term, but a responsibility we take seriously. No daily commuting, but traveling for a good reason is the more sustainable way forward. Preparing and discussing an excursion online gives us the space to enjoy the excursion - once Corona restrictions have been lifted.Until then, let's practice language and communication skills by hosting table reads, giving presentations on topics close to our hearts, and much more.



It was so easy and fun to learn with Tajana. She tailored classes to my personal and business needs so I was able to reach my language goals and use this knowledge after every class. She is very creative with her teaching techniques which motivated me to constantly learn more achieving great results.


I recommend Tajana, because the lessons are well constructed, with one half grammar, reading and writing, and the other half speaking. You can learn about German culture here: punctuality and orderliness. And there is a consistent teaching style with noun and verb tests and the production of written texts.


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I like
I like the sun
I like the heat of the sun
I like the way the sun rays fall in summer